Dear member of the Embedded Systems Community,

The importance of a technology is not always visible on a first glance, and this is especially true for the well named Embedded Systems! Barely seen from the users, Embedded Systems have now become the neural system of our modern society: hiding the complexity, offering better and easier use, and connecting the cyber to physical world.
Responding to the ever growing users’ needs in performance, miniaturization, autonomy, connectivity, safety and security are few of the expectations the embedded systems are simply and naturally asked to fulfill. Imagine the world without embedded sys­tems! We would have never reached today’s high safety standards in the transportation domain; we would never have seen such machines, engines efficiency improvement associated to innovative services. On a technological level, we made tremendous advances and are pushing the boundaries forward, increasing the functionalities and the processing power while decreasing the products size and their energy consumption, increasing the interconnectivity and interoperability while guaranteeing an appropriate level of safety and security. To master this ever growing complexity, better industrial processes are needed, and more efficient methods and tools for the design, validation, and verification, delivery and servicing are essential.
The European Embedded Systems community has the chance to shape this evolution by using its diversity to strengthen the co-operation and therefore built ARTEMIS (Advanced Research & Technology for EMbedded Intelligence & Sys­tems) to consolidate the leading positions of European players and pull together their R&D resources in this complex and globally connected world.
The ‘think big’ approach is enhanced to ‘think even bigger’ in the upcoming ARTEMIS call 2012 to further fulfill the innovation environment of ARTEMIS SRA vision: Besides the regular ARTEMIS Sub-Programmes, the Annual Workprogramme calls out for ARTEMIS Innovation Pilot Projects. With this double approach the strategic alignment of research with innovation will firmly go a step further in achieving its objectives. I warmly invite you to participate….

Laila Gide, 
THALES, Direction Technique and Steering Board member ARTEMIS Industry Association, Co-Chair Working Group ARTEMIS SRA